Basketball Mental Training Tip:”Repetition is no fun, but it’s….

“Repetition is no fun, but its the reason we won.” “Attention to Detail is Everything.” Mike Waldo, HS Basketball Coach

For a player repetition in practice is important, however it’s the quality of the repetition that is most important. Just like a coach has a team practice plan I believe each athlete needs a daily personal practice plan. If an athlete goes to practice each day with one small performance objective (to master on ball defense, or shooting a layup with the opposite hand,) they have that extra little something to master on their own without direction from the coach. It’s their plan within a plan to master the skill. Go to practice today with an objective to add a little extra “repetition” and focus to master one small part of your game. You just might be surprised how your confidence will grow and how good you feel after having made the extra effort to be the best you can be.

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