Thoughts on a Basektball Champion

The final season and the Final Game of the 2010 Final Four between Stanford and Connecticut seems is a distant yet fond memory. Not one Final Four, but three in the past three years and two to the Final Championship game.  Having a successful season not to mention making it to the NCAA Championship series, but the Final Four, now that is what dreams are made of.  The season may be over, but champions never cease to be champions.

Until I started working with athletes in women’s sports I had no idea of the demands placed on the women that compete at this level.  For four years I have had the Privilege of working with an athlete that sets the example of what champions are made of both on and off the court.  The ups and downs of the season, the success, the failure, the injuries and the recovery, the relationships, and the trials and tribulations of playing at this level does much to shape the hearts and minds of these women and in particular one special women.

Rosalyn Gold Onwude  is a true champion not only because she was PAC 1o Defensive player of the year, but because of her demonstrated skill mastery on court, her leadership, her stamina to endure, and the mental game mastery she developed. Thank you for giving me  a four year experience that will last a lifetime.  May the wind be at your back, and may life bring you all the happiness you desire. You are a true champion.

“Achievement is a valuable thing in our society and teaches you, as an athlete, that you can overcome fears and you can push through things that are uncomfortable.”  Michele Mitchell-Rocha

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