Tennis Psychology

Tennis Psychology & Mental Game of Tennis
Think like a champion tennis master and develop the tennis confidence of a professional with one-one golf mental game coaching with tennis mental game expert John Ellsworth.

John, having many years of coaching at the high school and college levels as well as his experience at the professional level, has helped tennis athletes of all ages get past the challenges that get in the way of reaching the peak performance they desire on while competing.
Weather you are a high school, college or professional tennis specialist mental game coaching can help you improve confidence, focus, and composure on and off the court and will give your tennis performance a needed boost!! You will work on-one with tennis- mental game – expert – Coach “E”.

  • Uncover the attitudes and mental game barriers that prevent you from performing your best.
  • Learn mental game strategies to boost your confidence and think like a professional.
  • Improve “in game” Focus, Concentration, and Composure.
    – Learn to Top Key elements to increasing awareness and success while executing your game plan.
  • Create and implement Pre-game, and Pre-action routines to increase Focus.
  • Develop a strategy to keep your competitive edge, when faced with stressful and challenging situations.


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