The ABC’s of Confidence

The principles associated with Confidence Conditioning is all the mindset you bring to competition and how you act on that mindset in conditions that are favorable, and those of great stress.  Many athletes try and control their performance, and also the environment.  The trick is to understand that not everything can be controlled.  To learn more about the ABC’s of Confidence Conditioning please read on.


Confidence Conditioning – – The ABC’s of Confidence

When did you last perform at the highest level of Peak Performance?

A . How was your “ATTITUDE?”

Did you try too hard to play well?

Were you worried about results – like “can I get a hit in this situation?”

Were you self-conscious about your skill level?

Did you play with Fear?

Did you come to play, confident, and prepared?

B. What was your BEHAVIOR like?”

What did you say to yourself after an at bat, or a play?

Did you have a hard time letting go of the last play?

What did you do once you came back to the dugout?

Did you give yourself permission to make mistakes?

C. What aspect of the game did you feel you could CONTROL?

Did you feel like you were in control of your confidence?

Did you feel like you were in control of your focus?

Did you feel like you were playing in the present?

D. What did you DECLARE to yourself before the game?

What does your Little Voice say to you before a game?

What did you believe about yourself before you stepped into the box?

E. What was the EXPERIENCE you felt after EXECUTION of a skill?

How much “effort” were you putting forth?

What qualities did your movements have? (Ease, fluid, effortless).

Did you try and force the play or did you simply let it happen?

F. How FREELY did you move?  (1-10)

How much FUN did you have? (1-10)

Did you FUNCTION in the “present”?

John R. Ellsworth, M.A., Mental Game Coach Protex Sports, LLC800-608-1120

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