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Vision Statements for Seasonal Performance

A vision statement is just that: a statement of the vision / intention, or goal, of an organization, or individual athlete. The vision statement is a personal contract with yourself for ethical behavior, performance goals, and more specifically how you wish to portray yourself to yourself, the team, the college or university. ... More

How do I Stay Positive when Things Are Just Not Going My Way?

You have choices and options in just about any situation. You just have to figure out what your options are and then make a decision about the re-direction you plan to take. Let’s take a simple approach to the situation to illustrate a point. You have a choice to be angry with yourself, with your coach, with other teammates, ... More

How to Stay Focused When Progress is Slow?

Keep in mind that progress can be slow in coming at times. Practice is all about developing the confidence and trust in your ability with the new skill before you take it to the competitive arena. I understand your frustration with not seeing the improvements when you want to see them. When progress is slow you can choose to reframe your thought process and focus on the progress in other areas. More