How do I Stay Positive when Things Are Just Not Going My Way?

You have choices and options in just about any situation. You just have to figure out what your options are and then make a decision about the re-direction you plan to take. Let’s take a simple approach to the situation to illustrate a point. You have a choice to be angry with yourself, with your coach, with other teammates, with officials, or at some other obstacle you have no control over or you can take action using the following plan.

3 Steps to Staying Positive

The first thing to do is let go of the expectations you have about your timeline or your performance. Second, identify the task relevant and task irrelevant cues that pertain to the action you are trying to perform. The third step is to identify the distractions that get in the way of your success. Break these distractions into two groups; the uncontrollable, and the controllable. The whole idea is to better understand just exactly what is relevant and what is in your power to control. Many athletes I work with try and accomplish too much too soon with too much getting in the way of their success. Much of what gets in the way of success – you have no control over. Save energy, by redirecting the energy into the areas you have control over and will make a difference in your performance improvement.

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