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Trust In Competition

Letting go of conscious controlling tendencies and allowing one's skills to be run off from motor memory (or what you practiced) instead of conscious directives from the mind.  There are two mindsets that control much of an athletes performance:   Practice Mind set, and the Trust/Performance Mind set. Trust in Competition... More

The ABC’s of Confidence

The principles associated with Confidence Conditioning is all the mindset you bring to competition and how you act on that mindset in conditions that are favorable, and those of great stress.  Many athletes try and control their performance, and also the environment.  The trick is to understand that not everything can be ... More

The Mental Edge in Sports – Inner Game (Baseball)

Watch New York Yankee Jason Giambi at the plate, and you gain valuable insight into why an athlete’s “inner game” or mindset is so critical to his or her performance.  Giambi leads the American League in walks and on-base percentage and was named the “player of the month” for April. When he approaches the plate, he ... More

Oral Hershiser talks about Confidence during the 1997 World Series

His win loss record of 204-150 with a lifetime Era of 3.48 is nothing to sneeze at. Having pitched some 3130 must be some keys mental game strategies that have helped him succeed along the way. Read Mental Game Coach John Ellsworth’s conclusions of how Hershiser became a master of the Confidence game. --------------------... More