Concentration on a scale of 1-10.

Corporate executives, world leaders, and and world class athletes are masters at having self-confidence, competitive tenacity, and have a much higher degree of managing emotional control than many other people. It’s their high level of desire to achieve that gives them the motivation to set goals and let nothing stand in the way of their achievement. The best laid plans to achieve these goals can not be exercised without the ability to remain focused on the critical issues associated with achieving success.

The ability to attend to or concentrate on the actions going on around us is extremely important for athletes. It’s not only important to see the big picture (the entire environment of the basketball floor), but it’s also important to be able to focus on a more specific target like a passing lane from the point guard to the post player.

To perform up to your potential you need to be aware of your concentration strengths and weaknesses. One of the first things I do with athletes is to ask them to access their own strengths and weaknesses. With this information it can be relatively easy to determine what might be distracting their execution success.

How are you at reacting to the moves and feelings of others? How are you at problem solving? More importantly how successful are you at narrowing your attention to a single task?

Now ask yourself, do your concentration strengths fit the requirements of the specific skills required for the sports you enjoy the most?

There is an excellent CD-ROM developed by Robert M. Niedeffer, PhD, and offered by Compton new media called Focus for Success. With this tool you can compare your abilities to those of top performers in all walks of life. The program also teaches you how to apply the skills learned to real life situatuions.

I encourage anyone who wishes to regroup, re-learn, and refine concentration skills to find this CD-ROM and see how it may help you with your concentration and performance success.


John Ellsworth
Mental Game Coach

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