Facts about the Benefits of Mental Training

Let’s take a moment to touch on a few “Truths” about Mental Game Coaching.


Fact #1: Mental game coaching helps athletes apply mental game strategies resulting in consistent performance and helping the athlete reach their full potential. The idea is to FREE the mind of mental obstacles that hinder performance.

Fact #2: Mental game coaching helps athletes develop mental toughness skills needed to enter the “mind free zone” faster and stay there longer. A clear mind can perform forever…

Fact #3: Mental game coaching “clears mental congestion” or mind chatter from conscious thought and train the subconscious to carry out instructions focused on execution and powerful competitive performances.

Please check our what my client’s have to say about my coaching and discover how working with me, a mental game coach, has significantly improved their performances:


John R. Ellsworth, M.A.,  Mental Game Coach, Protex Sports, LLC, 800-608-1120

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