Sport Psychology and the Business Executive

I often receive requests from business professionals to consult with them about incorporating “peak performance” strategies into their professional lives. The calls come from professionals that are in some sort of a performance slump. There are many underlying issues that may precipitate slumping. Slumping can cause nervousness, anxiety, loss of focus, confidence and composure issues.

I have seen this happen at many different business executive levels and at the high school, college, elite, and professional levels in sports. This can be incredibly frustrating and embarrassing. So, where can these individuals get help?

Consider a Sports Psychology Consultant who has experience helping athletes and professional business executives reach higher levels of peak performance. It is particularily helpful when the sports psychology consultant has a combined business and sports background. A sport psychology consultant specializes in helping performers both on and off the playing field. Weather you are an athlete or business professional – everyone has slumps and wants to figure out how to “bust” through the slump.

Professional athletes are no different than any other professional. Each has a specific talent from which one earns a living. When in a slump – mental toughness is hard to find. Sometimes we try really hard to bust out, but continue to reinforce the bad habits. One could have an MBA from one of the best schools in the country or be a veteran professional athlete – and still have challenges with performance. Performance slumps happen as a natural aspect of our daily lives. We have peaks and we have valleys with our performance. We excel – reach plateaus – and then excel again. The key – is to recognize when you are in a slump – and then act on a plan to move forward and out of the slump. A Sport Psychology Consultant or Mental Game Coach can help with these types of challenges.

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I happen to believe there are four general areas or competencies that require exploration in order to identify the “hurdles” that get in the way of achieving higher levels of peak performance. The areas of competency include:

1. Assessing variability of business or sport specific skill level.
2. Assessing levels of Confidence, and Belief Systems.
3. Assessing levels of Focus, and the Distractions that get in the way.
4. Assessing levels of Composure, and how Anxiety, Pressure, Worry hinder success.

After assessing and summarizing a sport psychology consultant will create a Mental Game Plan which includes a roadmap combined with an execution strategy to help the professional reach the levels of performance they desire.

Take the plunge – go to and review the Profiles in Success section. There you will get a pretty good idea of how others have been able to bust through the slumps that hinder their Peak Performance. The process is a win win! The first win is for “you”, and the second win is for “the team”.

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